Goalie Gaz's Football Challenge

goaliegazGoalie Gaz Children’s Party Entertainer ~

SCORE!! Goalie Gaz invites you to take on the Bedlam Football Challenge! Sporty games and a spot of silliness.

  • Football games
  • Races
  • Magic
  • Puppets
  • Goal challenge
  • Balloon models for all!

Suitable for kids aged 5 – 8 years.

You’ll need a fair bit of space for a Goalie Gaz party – your garden or a rented hall would be ideal.

Goalie Gaz’s Story

When Goalie Gaz was a boy he was the best goalie in his school, and all the other schools around. No-one could score a goal against him when Goalie Gaz was on the pitch. He was as quick as lightening when a ball came his way and his team were very proud of him.

One day, someone kicked the football towards Goalie Gaz so hard that when he caught it, it kept on going – through the goal net, through the trees behind him,  across fields and farms and then he got sucked up into a whirlwind!  The whirlwind carried him miles away and eventually dropped him down in Bedlam.

On Bedlam Island, Goalie Gaz started a football team and he plays football there every day.

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