Detective Drigglestopper The Fourth

Detective Children's Party LondonDetective Drigglestopper the Fourth, Children’s Party Entertainer ~

Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth comes from a long line of detectives. Can you guess how many detectives are in that line? Well, yes; four. Very well deduced. You must have your cleverest clogs on! And you will certainly need them to help Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth solve the mystery of the stolen party bags!! Quick question: Are you able to fly a flying carpet? Well, you might need one of those, too, because it looks as though the robbers are miles ahead already! Are they in the Gift Shop? Have they framed an unsuspecting customer? What characters might you meet along the way who could help you, or who could possibly send you in the wrong direction? Look out for red herrings and diversions that lead you up the garden path. Hopefully, you’ll catch those dastardly thieves before they cross the border and disappear into another dimension!

  • Detective training
  • Clue solving
  • Villain chasing
  • Banana throwing
  • Riddles and races
  • Puppets
  • Balloon-Modelling

Get ready for a race-against-time with this totally original detective party with The Bedlam Bunch’s unparalled storylines and challenges!

Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth’s Story

As you know, the people of The Bedlam Bunch are called out to bring fun and entertainment to children’s parties everywhere and they love sharing in the celebrations. They are all very silly and it’s true that sometimes the magic does go wrong, but it doesn’t usually cause too much of a problem… Except for the time when Silly Billy, the silliest of the whole bunch, accidentally did a magic spell that made all the birthday presents disappear! It was a very sorry affair, I can tell you. Not only did the birthday boy see his shiny new skateboard disappear before his very eyes, but it was later discovered that all the presents were in the hands of a gang of goblins!!

Now, Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth had been feeling a bit down. He had no cases to solve and he was getting on a bit. It seemed that no-one really needed him any more. Then he heard about the fiasco of the missing presents and offered his services to The Bedlam Bunch. They were so grateful to have an actual, sensible, clever human being around! (It’s true, they have me, but I do tell them off a lot.) They didn’t have any money to pay him, though, so they offered to put him up on Bedlam Island for as long as he liked, where he could join in with all the daily dancing and games, in exchange for his help. They made him his own tent, in the shape of a detective’s hat! (Sometimes, he uses this as a disguise… you can just about see his feet sticking out from underneath it.) Detective Drigglestopper had never known such kindness. He managed to trace the missing presents, much to the relief of all concerned and he has stayed on Bedlam Island ever since, solving riddles and clues and recovering presents from the goblins whenever they get their dastardly hands on them!

Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth is available for children’s detective parties in London and surrounding counties. I guess you could describe him as somewhere in between Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Gadget, but he wouldn’t tell you that himself; he’s far too modest.

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