Terms and Conditions

(These are for private bookings only. For corporate bookings, please discuss with your party planner.)

Please read carefully. We are about to start preparing for your party and we want it to be perfect!

* For Bedlam Bunch Adventure Shows, it is essential that you reserve a performance space just for us and the children. Imagine a stage on which all the children are allowed… (We don’t require an actual stage. That would be health and safety madness!)… This means a space with no noise whatsoever from chatting parents, background music and any other activities such as bouncy castles. We request that bouncy castles in our vicinity be turned off during a show; you’d be amazed at how much the background noise of it can affect a performance!

Please invite all adults to sit and watch quietly in the children’s performance space, or to chat in a different room (not just at the other end of the room!). 

When we have a dedicated space, the children will get the full experience on their special day. We want it to be as magical and memorable for them as possible.

* For “Walkabout” Entertainment, please let your entertainer(s) know in which spaces she or he is allowed to roam. (Parents can chat as much as they like when we are in walkabout mode!)

* Please allocate a room in which your entertainer(s) may change into costume and store personal belongings while he or she performs.

* Please provide your entertainer(s) with drinking water.

* All children attending the party are the responsibility of the parents at all times.

* Parental supervision is required for children under five years old.

* At least one responsible adult per 10 children must be present for the duration at all parties. Entertainers should never be left alone with the children.

* Please ensure that children are safely contained within a specified area.

* If you cancel your booking more than 7 days prior to your event date, we shall issue a partial refund, which is your payment minus the following: £100 per Bedlam Bunch Creative (actor/ face-painter/ decorator) for a 1-hour booking/ £150 per Bedlam Bunch Creative (actor/ face-painter/ decorator) for a 2-hour booking/ £200 per Bedlam Bunch Creative (actor/ face-painter/ decorator) for a 3-hour or longer booking.

* If you cancel your booking within 7 days before your event date, we will retain the full fee for your party; no refund shall be made.

* The Bedlam Bunch agrees to perform professional entertainment for the duration of your party according to character specifications or as determined with you previously for a bespoke booking.