Christmas Children's Entertainment

The Bedlam Bunch Theatre & Entertainment produces top class, highly memorable, totally tailored Christmas events!

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring all children get the best quality interaction time with all our larger-than-life Bedlam Bunch characters, the chance to see our legendary Bedlam Bunch Panto, plenty of time for face-painting and games, a balloon-model each to take home plus the unique opportunity for a Q&A session with Father Christmas! Contact us for a price list for our Full Scale Events

We can be hired for corporate and private Christmas parties, Christmas fairs and schools in and around London.

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Pantomimes with a Bedlam Bunch twist!

Traditional-style shows with children seated and watching but with lots of vocal participation.
Great for corporate events, schools and private parties!

Pirate Pratswagg & the Magic Lamp

Pirate Pratswagg & the Magic Lamp

Pirate Pratswagg is stuck in Aladdin’s Cave, just days away from Christmas. He needs Fairy Fidget to help get him and all the treasure back to Bedlam Island! Queen Hilda the Horrid has other ideas. Disasters, diversions and dastardly tricks ensue in this roller-coaster ride of adventure! Can Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth and the kids save Pirate Pratswagg and SAVE CHRISTMAS??!

Running time – 50 minutes, approx.
For children aged 4 years and above.

Three Entertainers, One Hour £1030 Book

Ernie and the Beanstalk

Ernie and the Beanstalk

Ernie Elf and Princess Pearl are devastated. Silly Billy has disappeared after going to find moon rocks on her flying carpet. Without moon rocks, there is no power for the Bedlam Bakery, the Bedlam Bustabule or the Bedlam Bubble Blaster. And without Silly Billy, there is no Bedlam Bunch!

This will be the worst Christmas ever!

Unless…. Can Ernie Elf rescue Silly Billy from the clutches of Count Humbug in Pantsilvania Castle at the top of the beanstalk? Or will his smelly feet give him away?!

Get your seatbelts on for this roller-coaster ride of ridiculousness!

Running time – 50 minutes, approx.

Three Entertainers, One Hour £1030 Book

Interactive Christmas Shows

Interactive story-telling, games, magic, flying carpet rides, puppets, music, dancing and narrow escapes!!!
Children travel around the party space on an immersive journey with our Bedlam Bunch characters. Suitable for small crowds, up to 30 children.

Fairy Fidget's Magic Medley

Fairy Fidget's Magic Medley

Count Humbug has frozen Fairy Fidget’s magic powers and she needs them to grant all the Christmas wishes!!

Can the kids go with her on a daring adventure through dangerous lands all the way to Fandango Forest to find the magic ingredients for a spell that will unfreeze her powers?!

One Entertainer, One Hour (15 children) £250 Book
Two Entertainers, One Hour (30 children) £490 Book

Ernie Elf's Christmas Calamity

Ernie Elf's Christmas Calamity

It’s Christmas Eve and the elves have all been working very hard indeed. In fact, you might say they deserve a break!

But hang on Ernie – it’s not a good idea to doze off with all the presents lying next to you! Oh no! Grandma Goblin has stolen them all!!! Can you help Ernie Elf to get all the presents back?

One Entertainer, One Hour (15 children) £250 Book
Two Entertainers, One Hour (30 children) £490 Book

Father Christmas and Elves

Father Christmas Q&A & Gift Giving*

Kids absolutely LOVE our unique Q&A sessions with Father Christmas!

In groups of up to 15 at a time, they can ask Father Christmas ANY questions they like! Sometimes it does get embarrassing, such as that time someone asked him when he’d last washed his socks… But Father Christmas never leaves them disappointed with his stories about runaway reindeer and Mrs Christmas’s famous pancake breakfasts. And every child is given a special gift, of course!

*Gifts are supplied either by the client or by The Bedlam Bunch. (Please scroll down to see Bedlam Bunch gifts.)

Small scale events

Father Christmas, One Hour (up to 15 children) £220 Book
Father Christmas, Two Hours (up to 30 children) £400 Book

Large scale events

Father Christmas & 1 Elf, Three Hours (up to 100 children) £1100 Book
Father Christmas & 2 Elves, Three Hours (up to 100 children) £1600 Book

Please call us on 07846 068 583 for a quotation for different timings or combinations of Father Christmas and Elves!

Walkabout Christmas EntertainersWalkabout Christmas Entertainers

Fun-filled walkabout entertainment with fabulously larger-than-life Bedlam Bunch characters, including ~

  • Ernie Elf
  • Ezra Elf
  • Snowflake Fairy
  • Silly Billy
  • Fairy Fidget
  • Princess Pearl
  • Pirate Pratswagg
  • Queen Hilda the Horrid
  • The Waterfall Wizard … and many more!
One Entertainer, One Hour £200 Book
One Entertainer, Two Hours £390 Book
Two Entertainers, One Hour £400 Book
Two Entertainers, Two Hours £780 Book

Please call for quotations on longer bookings or with more entertainers.

Christmas Extras!

Face Painting

Face Painting

Magical faces appear when our face-painters attend Christmas parties in London! Snowflakes, fairies, reindeer and mystical creatures will roam!

Face-painters can attend Christmas parties at the following prices, when booked alongside Christmas children’s entertainers. If you’d like prices for just face-painters, please call us on 07846 068 583.

One Face-Painter, One Hour (15 children) £200 Book
One Face-Painter, Two Hours (30 children) £390 Book
Two Face-Painters, One Hour (30 children) £390 Book
Two Face-Painters, Two Hours (45 children) £690 Book

Christmas Gifts

Our favourite puppet-makers, The Puppet Company, have a great range of creatures who need homes with fun-loving kids! They are packed by us in yellow gift bags and cost £15.50 each, with a minimum order of 15 puppets.

Please note, there are many puppet designs in this range and you will receive an assortment of creatures. A delivery charge may also apply.