Hula Tallulah’s Hawaii Party

Can you complete this adventure across all 8 Hawaiin Islands so that you can reach Hawaii for a huge birthday celebration in true hula style? Hop on board the flying carpet and learn about all the magic and the beings that live on each island, then they’ll let you move to the next one! Hula dancing,  challenges, puppets, music and colour all around!

  • Hula-dance
  • Flying carpets
  • Coconut challenges
  • Dress-up relays
  • Limbo competition
  • Puppet friends
  • Magic
  • Balloon-modellling


Hula Tallulah’s Story

Hula Tallulah was born on the beautiful island of Hawaii where she danced every day and drank coconut water, bathed in crystal blue waters and absorbed the hot sun rays. She was the best hula-dancer on the island! She liked to climb trees and sit in the branches, listening to the wind blowing through their leaves as she watched the sun set each evening. She loved the beautiful colours she saw all around her and the natural sounds that came from the animals and plant life. Her home certainly was a magical place to be and she felt very lucky indeed to be there.
There was just one small thing that bothered her: She wished she could share this with people who didn’t live there; perhaps people who didn’t have the same fortune to be born in such a vibrant, warm and happy environment. She wondered how this might be possible…
Then, one day, after a hula party with her friends, she climbed her favourite tree and listened, as usual. She heard a message on the breeze and it said, “We understand you’ve got a hunch, Follow it to the Bedlam Bunch”. Hula Tallulah heard laughter and singing and followed the sounds all the way to Bedlam Island where she met The Bedlam Bunch! They’d been waiting for her. “We bring fun and games to all the children we can find,” they told her. “Will you join us and share your hula-dancing with the children, too?” And join them, she did!
Now, Hula Tallulah travels the world to bring colourful hula-parties and the wonder of Hawaii to kids everywhere!

Hula Tallulah children’s entertainer can be booked for parties in London and beyond. Call us to discuss dates and times, today!

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