Jungle Joey's Adventure Party

Jungle Joey Children's Entertainer London Jungle Joey’s Children’s Party Entertainer – Safari Adventure! ~

Jungle Joey is on his way to watch the Animalympics! But wait – where have all the jungle animals gone? Help Jungle Joey trek through the jungle and track down the missing animals. The race is on!!

  • Jungle training
  • Games
  • Music & dance
  • Puppets
  • Balloon-modelling
  • Animal racing!

Jungle Joey’s Story

Jungle Joey was a very adventurous safari trekker. He loved to get deep in the jungle, climb trees, meet dangerous animals and learn about wild plants. He has a gift for talking to animals, too. One day, he got into a very serious conversation with Slither the Snake. They were discussing the meaning of life. Slither said that the meaning of life was to find love, so Jungle Joey asked how this was possible. Slither recommended a strict meditation practice, so Jungle Joey sat down at the bottom of his favourite wild banana tree, crossed his legs and concentrated.

After an hour or so, he opened his eyes and found himself on Bedlam Island! Well, as you know, Bedlam Island is bursting with love. All the Bedlam Bunch loved Jungle Joey straight away and he decided to live there. But the explorer in him draws him back to the jungle now and then.

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