Mary Sue's Race Against Time!

marysueMary Sue the Cowgirl – Children’s Party Entertainer from the Wild West! ~

Yee-hah!! Mary Sue is a horse-taming, lasso-wielding zombie-catcher. Help her save Bedlam Island from zombie invasion! Straighten your stirrups for this raucous romp!

  • Cowgirl and cowboy training
  • Horse riding
  • Quick-draw competitions
  • Lasso games
  • Music, dance
  • Magic
  • Balloon-modelling

Mary Sue’s Cowgirl party is suitable for kids aged 4 – 8 years.

Mary Sue the Cowgirl’s Story

You know Coadie Cowboy? Well, when Coadie Cowboy was whisked away from the Wild West and dropped on Bedlam Island, Mary Sue was very sad because she’d lost her best friend! Then, one day when those dastardly zombies were trying to steal from the ranch again and Mary Sue was doing her best to lasso them all, Coadie Cowboy came riding to her rescue! Not a moment too soon, either, because Mary Sue had run out of rope!

Coadie Cowboy quickly rounded up the zombies and gave them a stern talking-to. Then he swept up Mary Sue on to his horse and carried her all the way back to Bedlam Island where she stayed!

It must also be said that Mary Sue is very independent and the day after she got to Bedlam, she went back to the ranch to pick up her own horse – Arrow – and brought her to stay with the rest of the Bunch.

You can hire Mary Sue the Cowgirl for children’s parties in London and surrounding counties for private birthdays, or she can ride her way to you anywhere else for corporate events!

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