Rocket Ron's Intergalactic Mission

Rocket Ron Children’s Party Entertainer ~

Rocket Ron takes you on an intergalactic trip, with moon-rock hunting, aliens and UFOs along the way. Watch out for those dastardly SPACE WEASELS!!!!….. 3-2-1… BLAST OFF!!!!!!

  • Astronaut Training
  • Intergalactic travel
  • Rocket-controls
  • Games
  • Magic and puppets
  • Balloon-modelling
  • Space Weasel defeating
  • Moon-rock hunting!

This immersive, theatrical adventure is ideal for kids who have oodles of energy and love exploring far off planets, meeting bizarre creatures and characters, completing dangerous challenges and travelling in a race against time!

ROCKET ROZ is Rocket Ron’s best astronaut buddy! When Rocket Ron is away on training duty on Planet Iglump, Rocket Roz will get you shooting off into outer space with all your extra super-hero skills!

Suitable for children aged 3 – 8 years. An Interactive Adventure Show starts at £195. Walkabout Entertainment is also available from £195. 

Please note: For Interactive Adventure Shows, we operate on a ratio of 1 actor to a maximum of 15 children. If you are inviting the your child’s whole class (up to 30 children) to his or her birthday party, you will need 2 actors! Our shows are highly physically interactive – we never get the kids to sit down and listen and watch! They are on their feet the whole way through, therefore it is essential, from a safety point of view, to stick with this ratio.

For Walkabout Entertainment, no ratio applies. You can have just 1 actor with a large group of children. This type of entertainment has no story structure – it is very free-flowing and is suitable for birthday parties where other activities will happen simlutaneously to the entertainment, such as a bouncy castle, disco or crafts.

Where is your party? If you are outside of Zones 1 – 4 in London, we might need to charge a small travel fee. We keep our fees as affordable as we can for our clients, whilst also being sure to cover our own costs.

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