A Magical Christmas Corporate Party

A walk through one of The Bedlam Bunch’s magically bespoke children’s Christmas office parties:

Welcome! An Unexpected Greeting.

When you are greeted by Fairy Fidget, Ernie Elf or the Snowflake Queen, you know you are in no ordinary time and place! This office is certainly not as it seems on the outside... Just on the other side of the noisy streets with modern buildings and automatic doors, you are now in a world of colour, comedy and magic where anything can happen at any moment! Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure??

Childrens entertainers welcoming families to a corporate christmas party

A Bit of Background

The Bedlam Bunch is a company of professional theatre actors and artists. With our totally unique immersive theatre and entertainment service, we bring families, colleagues and employees together for the annual highlight of the office Christmas party! 🎉 It is our greatest pleasure to create unforgettably, hilariously magical children’s events for our corporate clients in London. The joy and enthusiasm we pour into these events are the reasons why our corporate clients return to us again and again. With pantomime, puppeteers, balloon-modellers, face-painters, Father Christmas, elves, magicians, games, soft play and more, we treat our clients and their young guests to the most uplifting and enchanting experiences.

Shall we continue on our adventure? Great! Pick up your map from Ernie Elf and let’s be on our way.

The parties were a huge success and the feedback from the parents here at 58 Fenchurch Street has been full of praise for the entertainers and how much their children enjoyed it – and a definite demand for its return next year.

Lesley Kinahan, AIG Insurance
Children's entertainers during a family show in an office

Who (or What) are All These People??

As you continue through the corridors of what might normally be a place filled with earnest, hard-working employees and diligent company directors, you discover that something truly magical has happened: The Bedlam Bunch has come here for Christmas!!! Detective Drigglestopper is trying to work out if you’re a gate-crashing alien 👽, Silly Billy can’t understand why you’re wearing your shoes 👞 on your feet and not your elbows and Princess Pearl is very excited because she thinks it’s her birthday 🎂 and that you’ve all brought presents for her. (Tip: You will have to remind the Bedlam Bunch characters quite a lot that this is your Christmas party.)

Entertainer showing kids the magic words

The Bedlam Bunch Magic Words

Do you know the Bedlam Bunch Magic Words? No? Well, here’s Mrs Midge to teach you all. These are vitally important, as you might need them to help get the Bedlam Bunch characters out of a fix! (When we say you “might” need them, we mean please be prepared to say them every 5 minutes.) Okay, repeat after Mrs Midge:

Jingly, Jangly, Spingly, Spangly, Spoo!

Not bad. Now add the spaghetti arms and magic fingers. Ah! Much better. We’re all a lot safer now!

PANTO! Pirate Pratswagg & the Magic Lamp

Did you hear the announcement? The Bedlam Bunch panto is about to start! If you’re between 4 – 8 years old, your presence is greatly requested! Step through this door and prepare to be transported.

Pirate Pratswagg is trapped in Aladdin’s Cave, just a few days before Christmas. He calls Fairy Fidget on her shoe telephone and off she goes to rescue him, following a star.

Unfortunately, she is intercepted by Queen Hilda the Horrid who wants to steal Aladdin’s treasure for herself. She casts a spell on Fairy Fidget, leading her in a trance to Gloopy Gunge Island, and then she follows the star herself, capturing Pirate Pratswagg and taking the treasure.

Now it’s up to Detective Drigglestopper and the kids (with some helpful appearances from the Waterfall Wizard and Derek the Dragon) to rescue Pirate Pratswagg and Fairy Fidget and SAVE CHRISTMAS!!

Kids on stage, kids saying the magic words, kids answering very difficult multiple choice questions to get over The Bridge to Anywhere... All we can say is, thank goodness you kids are here!!!

Childrens entertainment for christmas
Father christmas answering questions at a corporate family event

Father Christmas Q & A

“Ho, ho, ho!!!”... Was that the sound of Father Christmas letting everyone know that he’s ready for the kids’ Q & A?!!? Ezra Elf says yes! Get your questions ready and let’s go into the grotto! We have to go in groups of up to 15 at a time so that Father Christmas doesn’t get too cross-eyed. (Don’t worry if that happens, though; the remedy is exactly 3.5 mince pies.) What will you ask him? You want to know when he last washed his socks? Oh dear. That could get embarrassing!

Characters dancing in a corporate office in front of multi-coloured baloons

The Games Room

Did you think you’d get away without taking on some high-stakes challenges just because you’re not on the panto roller-coaster??!! Not likely, I’m afraid!! Just across from all that malarkey is a portal for all you other kids who are bursting with energy! Would you mind, just quickly, doing the Hat-Throwing challenge to open a portal within a portal and run in there to rescue Princess Pearl’s bubble wand? Well, that’s handy – thank you. And now we can all get some bubble dancing going! As long as you didn’t get stuck in there.... Er.... Hellooo......?? Oh conker cakes. We’ll have to send Rocket Ron after you in his space rocket. 🚀

Grumphus puppet making a child laugh

Sorry About Grumphus!

Yes, we probably should have warned you: Grumphus is a Fluff Monster who tends to steal your party drinks and crisps. You’re not even safe in the lift area or the lobby. And his friend Squidge the Squeavil (a squeavil is a cross between a squirrel, a beaver and a weasel), isn’t much better at all. When he’s on the loose, he will stop at nothing to get a nibble of your noses. We love our puppet characters, but you really will need to tell them off a lot. Or bribe them with bits of tinsel; they seem to love that, although we have absolutely no idea what they do with it all. (Could that be what Grumphus’s new party wig was made from???)

Face painting for corporate events - parent and child smiling

The Transformation Face-Painting Station

Okay, fair enough. You do deserve a break from all the giant, bouncing bananas 🍌 and reindeer racing. (Are your ears still on the right way round? Phew! That’s good. Sometimes they get rearranged on our flying carpet rides.)

Enter this peaceful enclave and sit down with one of our supremely talented face-painting artists who will transform you into a mystical Christmas fairy, a reindeer, a snow queen or whatever your heart desires! (And once you’re transformed, you can really confuse Silly Billy in your new disguise!)

Magician holding girls hand at an event whilst performing a magic trick

Magic Max is Showing Off

Well, that is a surprise! Just when you thought you’d met everyone, Magic Max appears, as if by – well, yes – magic! Oh, I suppose it’s okay for him to show off a bit of close-up magic. What do you think of his vanishing coins, card tricks and multiplying ducks? The rest of us have never figured out how he does it. He’s a bit more sophisticated than we are. Most of our magic ends up with someone turning upside-down or inside-out!

Baloon modelling for a business event

Balloon-Modelling for All

It is of the utmost importance that no-one leaves the office children’s Christmas party without a balloon model reward. I mean, you are putting up with The Bedlam Bunch and we do have a lot to thank you for! Would you like a magic wand, a butterfly, a dragon-sleighing sword, a reindeer or a dinosaur? Your wish is our command. Wow, it’s suddenly got super colourful in here!!!

Child on a soft play slide at a christmas event

Soft Play

Hello, you lovely little tots! No of course we didn’t forget about you!! We’ve magicked up this enchanted castle for you to bounce around in and explore to your hearts’ content! It has a ball pit and everything! It’s so charming that we just couldn’t keep the Snowflake Fairy and Jungle Joey away from it. We hope you don’t mind if they join in all your fun and games! Watch out for the Girog puppets; they’re pretty good a Hide and Seek!

The Waving Committee

Ohhhhh – you’re not leaving are you?!?? We might cry very loudly and blow our noses on all the curtains!!! Oh, no; we might not be allowed back if we do that. How about we form a waving committee and wave you all safely off the premises? Would you like to borrow one of our flying carpets to get home? You’d rather take the tube? Probably sensible. Please don’t get too terribly sensible, though! We want to see you next year for more ridiculously fabulously magically bananas adventures! Thanks for everything!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into our world and we would be overjoyed to transport it to your very own office space. Give us a call today to discuss your children’s Christmas office party and let’s see what magic we can weave! ✨

Children having fun shouting at the stage as two performers hold out a cabbage