Coadie Cowboy's Great Escape

coadieCoadie Cowboy Children’s Party Entertainer ~

Get your best boots and cowboy hat on and brace yourself for a wild ride. Zombies are invading Bedlam Island! Can you help Coadie Cowboy fend them off and save the Bedlam Bunch?

  • Cowboy and cowgirl training
  • Horse races
  • Lasso competitions
  • Cowboy magic
  • Puppets
  • Wild West balloon-modelling!


Coadie Cowboy’s Story

Coadie Cowboy lived in the Wild West, fighting bad guys who tried to steal from the town and training horses on his ranch. If there was ever any trouble, Coadie the Cowboy was the first to step in and sort it out. The local people loved him and the bad guys were scared of him.

One very hot day on the ranch, a tornado swept through, picking up everything in its path, including Coadie Cowboy! It carried him across the land, far away from the Wild West and everything he knew. Finally, the tornado calmed down and dropped Coadie Cowboy into Bedlam. The Bedlam Bunch gave him chocolate cake and home-made lemonade and he stayed there from then on, helping them to train horses and fight off any bad guys who tried to get into Bedlam.

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