Pirate Pratswagg's Treasure Adventure

Pirate themed adventure  - kids' party entertainer London, The Bedlam BunchPirate Pratswagg Children’s Party Entertainer ~

“Off in search of gold we goes! Where we’ll land, no-one knows!” Sail Pirate Pratswagg’s ship through stormy seas, into caves and caverns and solve the clues to find the treasure! This fast-paced adventure show keeps the kids on their feet the whole way through, with challenge after challenge on every land they discover on their journey!

  • Pirate Training
  • Ship sailing
  • Clue solving
  • Fierce creatures
  • Riddles, races and rhymes
  • Magic and balloon-modelling, too!

Suitable for children aged 3 – 8 years.

Pirate Pratswagg children’s entertainer will come swash-buckling his way to your party in any area of London. Prices are from £195 for an Interactive Adventure Show or for Walkabout Entertainment. Prices depend on how many actors you will need and the length and location of the party.

For Pirate Pratswagg’s Treasure Adventure Show, we operate on a ratio of 1 actor to every 15 children, therefore, you will need 2 actors if you have invited the whole class (up to 30 children) to your child’s birthday party! These adventure shows are meant to be the main focus of the party and we keep kids on their feet the whole way through! We need a designated space for this, with no background noise (no chatting parents!) and no simultaneous activities, such as bouncy castles or discos. We must stick with our ratio of actors for safety purposes, as well as to ensure all children get plenty of interaction with the characters.

For Walkabout Entertainment, there is no story structure, therefore it is not necessary to stick with this ratio. You can have just 1 actor with a large group of children at a party where there are other activities happening simultaeously, such as a bouncy castle, disco or crafts. With Walkabout Entertainment, we do not attempt to keep the children all together at one time – they are free to follow along with the character as and when they wish.

Occasional Travel Fees: If your party is outside of Zones 1 – 4 in London, we might need to add a small travel fee. We do our utmost to keep costs affordable for our clients, whilst also making sure we have covered our own costs.

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