Princess Pearl's Bubble Ball Party

Princess Pearl Children’s Party Entertainer ~

Princess Pearl is not your average Princess! She gave up all her riches for the sake of having true friends. She will train you how to talk, sing, dance and dress up just like a real princess but with a whole load of silliness thrown in on your way to the Bubble Ball!

  • Princess Training
  • Games
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Magic
  • Balloon-modelling
  • Bubble surprises!


Princess Pearl’s Story

Princess Pearl grew up in a luxurious palace in the Majestic Mountains. She had everything she could ever need – butlers, maids, a field full of horses, a whole house full of beautiful dresses and a chest full of gold. But one thing she didn’t have was a good friend.

One day, Princess Pearl decided to leave her palace in the Majestic Mountains and go and find a friend. She got on a horse and rode for many miles until she came to a cave at The Waterfall Near the End of the Rainbow. She could hear loud snoring, so she called out, in the hope of meeting a new friend. The Waterfall Wizard awoke in a very grumpy mood and did not want to befriend her at all! Princess Pearl was very sad and cried loudly, so, just to get her out of his hair, the Waterfall Wizard did a magic spell, which made The Bridge to Anywhere appear. The Bridge Troll asked Princess Pearl some difficult questions and when she got them right, he let her over the bridge which took her straight to Bedlam Island.

Princess Pearl instantly became friends with the Bedlam Bunch. She was so happy there that she never thought about returning to her palace. She had more than she could ever wish for in Bedlam.

Princess Pearl will add perfection and pizzazz to your children’s party entertainment in London. Suitable for kids aged 3 – 7 years.

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