The Waterfall Wizard

Wizard Party - The Bedlam Bunch Children's Entertainers, LondonThe Waterfall Wizard will take you on an incredible journey through mystical lands, summoning all kinds of creatures and powerful magic to get you from Bedlam Island all the way to the very top of the Mystic Mountains, fending off danger with the use of the children’s special skills. When you reach the top, you will have to place the magic key in the Secret Stone in order to save everyone from getting swept up in a whirlwind and taken to the castle of Count Humbug!

* Games
* Races
* Riddles
* Challenges
* Music
* Magic
* Puppets
* Balloon-modelling

Suitable for children aged 4 – 8 years.

Interactive Adventure Show: This is a fully interactive, theatrical journey, involving story-telling, lots of games, magic, music, puppets, dancing and balloon-modelling. Suitable for all ages!
From £195, depending on the number of actors required and the length of the show.  (Interactive Adventure Shows are run on a ration of 1 actor to every 15 children, maximum. If you have 15-30 children attending, you will need 2 actors.)

Walkabout Entertainment: We provide Walkbout Character Entertainment when Interactive Shows aren’t possible, for example, in noisy, crowded spaces or when the ratio of children to actors exceeds 15 to 1. Puppets, balloon-modelling, games, magic and flying carpet rides in a free-flowing entertainment style. Suits children up to age 10 years and environments where other activities are happening at the same time, such as bouncy castle, crafts and face-painting.
From £195

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