Portable Theatre Shows for Children’s Parties & Events!

Are you looking for an unforgettable, magically transporting and hilariously fun experience for your upcoming children’s event? Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are The Bedlam Bunch!

Based in London, UK, we are an entirely original children’s portable theatre troupe dedicated to bringing you the most uplifting, top class, immersive entertainment with our larger-than-life characters and comedic performances.

The Bedlam Bunch cast posing with suprised faces in exotic costtumes
Silly billy wearing face-paint and a hat staring at the crowd
Characters making a child laugh

All Aboard

Renowned for captivating audiences of all ages – children and fun-loving parents alike - our charmingly bonkers characters with their off-the-wall antics invite you all to enter the topsy-turvy world of 🏝️ Bedlam Island, where shoes are telephones, feather dusters are magic wands and the only sensible way to get anywhere is by flying carpet.

(Don’t worry – they will train you in flying carpet riding. There’s only one rule and that is... DON’T FALL OFF!)

Here, delightful chaos ensues, with roller-coaster adventures that call upon brave and clever kids to get our characters out of trouble!

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Silly billy in a london office, wearing a yellow hat and holding an inflatable banana

Portable and Versatile Performances

Portable theatre shows are...?

a. 🍫 Made of chocolate

b. 🚀 Spaceships for Zoggledites

c. 🎒 Transportable and lightweight to suit a multitude of venues and environments?

Yes, well done. It’s C. (None of The Bedlam Bunch characters got that right. Not even Detective Drigglestopper the Fourth. 🔍 )

Bedlam Bunch portable theatre shows can adapt to the size and setting of your event. Whether you're hosting a backyard birthday bash, a big corporate event, a wedding or an indoor festival, we can tailor our performances accordingly. And you don't have to worry about setting up big stages or equipment; just provide a good, dry space where kids can sit comfortably and enjoy! We’ll take care of everything else.

For more information on the children’s Christmas parties we create for offices in London and surrounding areas, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help!

You pulled it out of the bag again last weekend! You gave the younger guests of the Québec Fête nationale the most amazing time. Thank you for being so energetic, imaginative and caring entertainers to our young audience. You bring peace of mind to me every time you come to our events, I never have to worry and I know that young (and older ones too!) will enjoy the fun and games you bring to an event. You invest every ounce of energy and put in all your heart every time. A deeply felt humble thank you!

Barbara Daniel, Government of Québec
Characters dancing in a corporate office in front of multi-coloured baloons

Interactive Theatre

One of the best features of our theatre shows is that they’re really interactive. Our actors fully involve the children, so that they all feel they are an essential part of the story. Well, if the kids weren’t all saying the magic words together, how else could Pirate Pratswagg and Fairy Fidget rescue Derek the Dragon from Queen Hilda the Horrid’s dungeon? And where in the Multiverse would they be if some of the kids didn’t jump on stage to answer the Bridge Troll’s questions to get them across The Bridge to Anywhere?

Detective drigglestopper making children and parents laugh in a meeting room

A Tonic for Parents, Too!

We’re doing this for the parents, too! Hiring The Bedlam Bunch is a surefire way to keep kids occupied and enthralled, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the entertainment themselves, or to nip off to where the fruit punch bowl is hidden. Parents are also most welcome to help us with the odd bit of clue-reading. (Bedlam Bunch characters can’t read anything the right way round.)

A full cast of children's entertainers for a corporate event in front of a sparkly backdrop providing family entertainment
Detective drigglestopper and fairy fidget performing in a corporate venue

A Fabulous Repertoire

The Bedlam Bunch offers a range of different portable stage shows. Every year, our Writer and Director, Rosalind Parker, writes a new pantomime and she is constantly adding new interactive adventure shows and revamping past stage shows from our well-loved repertoire. Have a look here at our current and past theatre productions as well as other types of shows.

Child smiling wildly, holding hands with a wizard puppet

Magical Memories

After nearly 20 years of performing our shows at children’s parties, there’s one thing we know for sure: the kids will be using their new-found magical powers and re-enacting scenes for weeks on end after meeting us! And it’s totally okay for them to call our characters on their emergency telephone boots, by the way. We can’t guarantee they’ll be able to help in any way whatsoever (really, please do not take their advice) but call them anyway; they probably need waking up.

Actors peforming dressed as a pirate and an evil queen, with a dragon puppet

Supporting Community & The Arts

By hiring The Bedlam Bunch you're not only providing entertainment for your children's event but you’re also supporting talented artists and performers in your community. It's a great way to nurture local talent and invest in the arts. Thank you! ✨

For more information on the children’s Christmas parties we create for offices in London and surrounding areas, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help!

The Bedlam Bunch Children’s Theatre & Entertainment is available for hire in London and beyond.